Winterizing Service

Freezing tempatures can cause damage throughout your entire plumbing system, especially in vacant properties that have the heat turned off. Many of us live close to Lake Michigan and expierience winds off the lake, extra precautions to insulate your pipes is always a good idea. When water freezes in your waterline, it expands and will cause the pipe to split open. Most of the time this goes unoticed until you use your garden hose the following spring and have a large amount of water in places it shouldn't be. This is because the most common mistake a home owner makes is, not disconnecting their garden hose prior to the freeze.

Key Benefit of Service

Drain Brothers is equipped to thaw waterlines, repair leaks and help you prepare your property for winter. Our property management services includes winterizing of all waterlines by draining them and all plumbing fixture traps with eco-friendly antifreeze.

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