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Drain Brothers primary service is working on sewer utilities. We specialize in clearing blockages and diagnosing what caused your sewer to back up in the first place. Telling you what caused your sewer back up isn't how we do business, we show you by televising your sewer line and showing you every inch from your home to the city mainline.

A onetime sewer back up doesn't mean you need to excavate. We know trust is earned, and giving you the knowledge to be well informed by performing a sewer inspection with our camera ensures you can make a well informed decision.

Sewer excavation costs can range anywhere from $1000 to $20,000 plus, they're expensive.

Wheter you need a spot repair or a complete sewer latreral, hiring Drain Brothers for your sewer excavation is key to a fast and cost effiecient service.

The factors that go into sewer excavation costs include;

  • Heavy Equipment. Excavators are exspensive peices of equipment, and without them, we wouldn't be able to efficiently excavate.

  • Fuel, Delivery, Travel. Logistics when working on an excavation project must be taken into account when compiling an estimate.

  • Depth of Excavation. The depth of a trench determines what size trench boxes and how many boxes will be needed to excavate a trench safely and efficiently.

  • Length of Trench. Linear feet goes into account when calculating pipe and aggeragates.

  • Trench Atmosphere. Precautions must be taken when working with live sewers. Especially when the depth of a trench doesn't allow for good air flow. Methane gas displaces oxygen, making for a potentially deadly situation.

  • Amount of Aggregates. Sewer pipe has to be bedded with an aggergate that will ensure proper pitch for a lifetime. We calculate aggregates for 4" of bedding and for 2" above crown of pipe.

  • Type of Aggregates Required by Municipality. Certain situations call for certain bedding or backfill, for example, if your sewer excavation goes into the roadway, slurry mix will have to be used for backfill all the way to the sub-grade of the existing roadway. This type of backfill is delivered by concrete trucks.

  • Traffic Control. Shutting down any lane of traffic requires posting signs at specific locations to inform both directions of traffic of upcoming work zones. Professional flaggers are trained to protect motorists, workers and themselves.

  • Soil Type. When excavating, soil type plays a huge role in wether a project runs smoothly or not. Sandy soils cave in alot and make for a large open trench, while a more rigid clay soil can make for a nice efficiently cut trench.

  • Ground Water Conditions. Ground water is another factor in wether a project will go smoothly. If water keeps filling a trench and makes a trench unworkable, a pumpimg system will need to be installed to capture and pump ground water from the trench.

  • Back Fill. When backfilling, excavated soil is returned to the trench in 12" lifts, being plate compacted each lift. This reduces settling and makes for quicker restoration.

  • Spoil Removal. After backfilling and compacting in lifts, a small hump for the entire run of the trench may be left, 2" to 3" at most. Any spoils left over will need to be hauled away.

  • 'Landscape restoration is not included on our quotes. Sub-contracting a landscaping crew on short notice is more expensive then if our customer hires out on their own. Not only is it difficult to get a crew on-site, it's difficult to know what quality of work they will perform because the same company may not always be available. Clean up is included in quote.'

    Safety during any excavation is top priority. Safety procedures, safety equipment and safety personnel slow things down and raise costs. In actuality, the cost for not implementing all safety standards will have greater costs.

    Safety procedures, safety equipment and safety personel that must be on-site before starting any sewer excavation include;

    Obtain Permit
    Call 811, Diggers Hotline. All underground utilities must be marked before work can begin.
    Trench Box/Shoring for any trench that reaches a depth of 5' or greater. Cave in's are the biggest threat to a bottom man working in a trench.
    Oxygen Meters are needed to check the atmosphere in a trench. When working with live sewers, workers have to take extra precautions because methane gas will displace oxygen.
    Proper PPE for all persons in the work area. Authorized personel only. Hard hat, Hi visibility vest, Safety glasses, and proper footwear.
    Traffic warning signs and qualified signal persons for any work that encroaches into any lane of traffic. This protects the workers and the traveling public.
    Our Plan and Design will take all above factors into account when calculating a quote. Call Drain Brothers anytime you have a sewer need. We'll show you the problem and give you the information you need to make a smart decision.

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    Our team is trained and equipped to handle all your sewer needs. Our industrial strength tools will make short work of the most stubborn of clogs.

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