Sewer System Clogged?

Drain Brothers Will Make Your Sewer Drain Again

Our staff is trained with the proper tools to clear your sewer line safely & efficiently. Our top priority is getting your sewer system draining as soon as possible. There are many reasons why your sewer can get clogged, the most common reason is, tree roots. The Drain Brothers difference is, we don't just clear the blockage and call it a day, we clear the blockage, then we change our rod cutter to the next size up and go through your entire sewer line again. We do this multiple times until we've reached the largest cutter head possible.

The reason it is important to change the cutter head to a larger size each time is to clean the inner diameter of as much debris, roots or any other junk in your sewer as possible. Giving your sewer a thorough cleaning. Afterwards, we inspect your sewer with our inspection camera and run it the whole length showing you every section of pipe. A complete service is mandatory in our daily work.

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Listen to Your Sewer

Roots extend far into the ground and can reach your sewer line even when they’re not right above your sewer lateral. If you have any trees nearby, tree roots may be the culprit behind your sewer backups. Some of the signs of a root problem:

  • Sludgy dirty water coming up from a drain
  • Water not going down the drain as fast as usual
  • Bubbling sounds coming from your drains
  • Floor drains have standing water above floor level
  • How Tree Roots get in your Sewer

    Cracked or deteriorated pipes will leak water out into the ground. When this happens, roots will seek out the water for sustenance. Slowly intruding into your sewer line and causing havoc. Roots that go unchecked can cause a sewer blockage leading to a sewage back up into your home. The most cost effective way to extend the life of your sewer, is to have routine maintenance roddings done to hold the roots back. Once tree roots discover easily assessable water, the tree will increase root growth to the source.

    Solutions Recommended for Tree Root Blockage

  • Sewer Power Rodding
  • Our technicians are equipped with heavy equipment specifically manufactured to cut out roots. First, we find the best access point to rod from, then we get the rod through the roots to restore flow to your sewer. Once flow is restored, we will show you the extent of your root intrusion and recommend a maintenance plan.

  • Out Side Clean-Out
  • The sewer line inside your home has a smaller diameter than the sewer line under the ground. If you do not have an access point to your sewer from outside, than we cannot cut the full diameter of your sewer. Typically the diameter of your sewer line inside is 3” to 4” going through your foundation wall and ties into your sewer main, typically 6” in diameter. Without a clean out, we can only cut a little more than 50% of the inner diameter of your main sewer run.

    Commercial Sewers

    Most all of our commercial clients have a problem with grease build up inside their sewer lateral. Grease clogs are what we in the industry call a soft blockage. Its a build up of gunk on the inner walls of the sewer pipe, restricting flow and eventually completely clogging one of your properties main arteries. We use industrial strength equipment built specifiaclly to clear soft blockages.

    Key Benefit of Service

    Our team is trained and equipped to handle all your sewer cleaning needs. We use largest diameter cutting head possible when performing sewer roddings up to 6 inch, our competitors, not so much they use 2 inch heads.

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