Water Utility

Waterlines need service too. As science has advanced through the years, we make discoveries that we've made mistakes in the past. Too many homes are serviced by lead waterlines. As you know, lead is a risk to our health, especially our young ones.

Drain Brothers has the expierince to repair, replace or install water utility lines. Many municipalities have plans to remove all lead service lines over the next few decades. As a home owner, you are responsible for your properties service line. A dwellings utility is from the connection to the city mainline to your building. Our prices are always up-front flat rates. We encourage you to shop around.

Sewer Utility

When it comes to sewers, an ounce of prevention goes a long way in extending the function of your sewer main. Even new sewer utilities can fail. Newer sewers, we're poets here, tend to get sheared by either the building settling or the ground below the sewer pipe settling.

Installation of a residential sewer lines require proper bedding to ensure the latter doesn't happen. Our process envolves excavating the least amount of dirt needed to get the required pitch. This means your sewer line will have virgin ground beneath it, giving it a better bed.

In addition to excavating the correct depth, we use stone required in that specific municipality based on ground composition. As we go, we tamp down the stone that will be beneath the sewer pipe to get full compaction giving your new sewer an additional layer of rock solid bedding.

Key Benefit of Service

We put our knowledge to action. Our team follows a strict process to ensure state compliance and OSHA safety.

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