Ground Water Control

Most of the time, a basement is considered an asset to a home. After all, if you have a basement, you have ample space for storage, living, work & growth. However, if you have water in your basement, this vital asset can quickly become a problem.

No matter how effective a pump can be, it does have its limitations. After all, pumps work most often during rainstorms. However, rainstorms usually bring more than rain, they often bring thunder, lightning, & wind as well. Unfortunately, these things can knock out your electricity & the most common time for power to go out, is during a storm. Since pumps rely on electricity, this means your pump could stop working at the precise time you need it most.

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Ground Water Solutions

Having the right sump can mean the difference between a dry basement and a flooded one. We carry NextGen sump pumps on our trucks. These pumps have been tested and exceed any pumps a home owner can buy from a home improvement store.

A Dry Basement Will Include

Our Recommendation

If you are planning to finish your basement or use it to store valuables, we highly recommend buying a generator to run your essential appliances, with your sump pump being one of those essential appliances. Battery Back-up pumps are also a necessity to protect your basement from rising ground water, a generator gives you another layer of protection.

Rains can continue to down pour long after a storm has done its damage. Water run off down stream will continue to saturate the ground causing your sump pumps to cycle often. In our expierince, two pumps, a primary and a battery back-up with a generator to back up both, will protect your basement.

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