24/7 Emergency Plumbing Service

Drain Brothers on-call staff is quick to respond and resolve your urgent plumbing problems 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Calling the right service company to fix your plumbing system when an emergency happens is key to minimizing property damage.

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Our team is trained and equipped to handle all plumbing emergencies. It's rare for us to run into a problem that we haven't resolved before.

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Steps to take when a plumbing emergency is occurring

Drain & Sewer Clogs - Residential / Commercial

  • Stop using water if possible
  • Call Drain Brothers
  • When a clog does happen, waste water will begin to backup into your home’s showers, toilets, and sinks, this is an ugly situation rendering your plumbing unusable. Clogs tend to happen at the most inconvient times, usually when you have a large gathering. When you have guests and none of them can use the facilities becuse of a clog, then you have a plumbing emergency on your hands.

    Our staff knows the importance of quickly responding to a plumbing emergency, time is of the essence. When we arrive, we will assess the situation, clearly explain what we need to do to fix your plumbing emergency, get your approval and stay on-site until the job is completely resolved.

    Waterline Emergency - Leaks

  • Locate and close emergency shut off valve. Each plumbing fixture should already have them installed.
  • If you can not locate your emergency shut off valve, locate the main shut off valve and close it.
  • If on well and unable to locate your shut off valves, locate well circuit breaker on your electric panel and flip switch to off.

  • Advice to protect your property from waterline leaks.

  • Always disconnect garden hoses before temperatures reach freezing levels.
  • Annually, locate all shut off valves and test they are functioning correctly. If they're too hard to turn, they may need to be checked by a professional.
  • Use steel braided hoses for water supply lines, i.e., washing machine hose.
  • Going on vacation, close all shut off valves.

  • Water systems are pressure tested by local plumbing inspectors before a home is habitable, failures usually occur at weak points (water supply lines) or when a waterline is comprised (frozen water expanding in line and causing a split, being punctured by a nail or screw)

    Ground Water Emergency - Flooded Basement

  • Locate sump pump pit to check that the float switch is not stuck in the off position.
  • Check the sump pump power cord is plugged in all the way if so plug into the 2nd plug of the outlet.
  • Press reset button on the outlet; outlet may be GFI
  • Check electric panel for a tripped circuit breaker, if labeled sump pump, flip breaker switch off, then on.
  • If unable to get your sump pump back up and running, you may need a replacement.

  • Advice to protect your property from groundwater damage.

  • Install a battery back up sump pump.
  • Annually check the battery for proper charge.
  • Periodically check your sump pump pit for debris.
  • Annually test your sump pump's float switch to ensure it is moving freely and clear of the pit walls.
  • During power outage, use a generator.

  • Sump pumps are an essential part of many homes throughout our service area. These pumps go unnoticed for the most part until there is an emergency that arises. Groundwater emergencies are most likely to happen during a storm, this is when you rely on your sump pump the most. During a storm, the power to your home can be knocked out, or your sump pump may fail. Different model sump pumps are designed to handle a particular workload specific to your needs. Failures are more likely to occur if you do not have a sump pump that can keep up with groundwater levels.

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